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How To Get Arch Addicts Approved

Arch Addicts

  We get this question often, and we’re going to finally reveal all of our top secret credentials! We’re tagged, hash-tagged, and dm’d in hundreds of photos every single day. Finding work that’s #AAworthy is a lot of work, but the reward is getting to connect with fellow brow fanatics from all over the world. #loveyou Being Arch Addicts™ Approved has become recognized in the industry and shows your work has impeccable quality. We are regularly contacted by clients looking for artists all over the country, and we refer them to our online locator. Artists that have been Arch Addicts™ Approved can...

Interview: Kirsten Foss - Spa Business coach shares her top tips for success

Arch Addicts

Kirsten Foss is a sought-after spa business mentor who has worked in the beauty industry for 23 years. Kirsten’s creative strategies help beauty entrepreneurs implement productive methods to build a thriving business. She has been a huge inspiration for us, so we wanted to share some of her best business advice with you!   What does a day in the life of Kirsten Foss look like? I have to admit, I lead a pretty simple life. I have a home office so the worst part of my commute is occasionally tripping over the cat or dog on my way in (those...

How To Find a Brow Artist Near You

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A Handy guide to locating an artist in your hometown! We get tons of emails every week asking us where the best brow artists are located and how to find them. We love trying to connect artists and clients, so we have put together a handy guide for locating an artist in your hometown!   1. Check the locator page on our websiteWe have found that the artists on this page have impeccable work. We are always adding new listings and cities, so check back often.   2. Instagram Tap the search bar and type in“eyebrow artist,” several should...

Love Story Contest Winner - Janeida

Arch Addicts

  The Beautiful Love Story of Janeida Mitchell I was five months pregnant, and my daughter's “biological” father left me because he didn’t want to have any more kids, even after we planned our pregnancy together. Nevertheless, I accepted that and moved on with my life. I was five months pregnant, and I was happy and healthy, so I was not complaining. While hiking at a local waterfall here in Ga (Vickery Creek), I met my now beau, Nathaniel. I was hiking with a five-month pregnant belly, he saw me and started walking with me during my hike.  In my...

Microblading Has Been Overshadowed

Arch Addicts

We've all heard of microblading by now. It's taken the beauty industry by storm, received a ton of press, with articles and blog posts everywhere you look. Now, there's a new girl on the block that you should know about called microshading, also referred to permanent powder, micropowdering, and ombre brows. Let me give you a little run down...Both microblading and shading are a form of tattooing. Yes, it’s a tattoo! They’re both modernized techniques of old-school tattooing methods, done with a hand tool or machine that implants pigment into the skin to fill and correct the shape of your brows....

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