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Thank You 2020


My heart is full of love and extreme gratitude because of all of YOU. I genuinely believe I have been blessed with the most amazing clientele, customers, friends, and business associates this year. We've walked through the pandemic, and as I shared earlier this month, my niece Ruby is walking through a challenging cancer experience this year. The holidays have been incredibly challenging.

You have all gone above and beyond to support my business and my family during this difficult journey – I will never be able to thank you enough. You have all shown sincere compassion, kindness, and love when we needed it most. Tears of sadness have turned into tears of joy because of you and your actions. You have all stepped up in ways that have filled our hearts with joy. 

A quick update on Ruby... Her most recent surgery was a success, but her recovery has been very difficult. We have all been struggling to navigate these changes, and it is a path we walk daily. She is still spending a lot of time at the hospital, as I shared in my last email. 

Ruby in the hospital
When we put up the big stocking here at Arch Addicts Beauty, we were excited to collect gifts for the kids just like Ruby who are spending their days in the hospital as well. I'm excited to share that Arch Addicts Beauty has received over 100 toy donations over the past weeks, with many messages of more gifts to come. We have filled our stocking ten times and counting! I'm delighted to be able to deliver so many gifts to all the children at the U of M Masonic Children's Hospital this weekend. Thank you! You are the reason so many children will be smiling when they receive these special gifts.

Toys collected for U of M Masonic Children's Hospital

OrangeBall Creative, my fantastic marketing team, donated over $250 in toys for our drive. Thank you!

OrangeBall Creative

My amazing customers throughout the US and Canada, and awe-inspiring clientele at Arch Addicts Beauty here in the Twin Cities, have provided so many toys and necessities to those in need this year. Your kindness and generosity are sincerely appreciated. Arch Addicts Beauty took a portion of profits from November and December and purchased gifts for the hospital and specifically for a family in need. We were able to buy numerous gifts from their Christmas list and $500 in gift cards because of your generosity. Thank you!

Specifically for Ruby and her family, we have seen gifts of generosity as well. My heart is also full of love and extreme gratitude for so many I have yet to meet or just had the pleasure of meeting. You didn't have to give the gift of your time or resources – yet you chose to. 

Twin Cities Live and Apollo Heating and Air presented Ruby's family with a gift they will enjoy for years to come. The fantastic team from Apollo replaced their 31-year-old furnace with a brand new one! Thank you, Apollo and Twin Cities Live, for making this happen! 

The top-notch team and very skilled electricians from Bavolak Electric – Calvin, Jeb, and Rich – donated their time and provided their top notch services to ensure Ruby's home is safe and efficient. Thank you! 

Russ and Jeff donated their time, craftsmanship, and expertise by installing a brand new door and plumbing for Ruby and her family. Thank you! 

Feeding a family of six is very challenging when your oven breaks down, and you don't have the time to get a new one. Thanks to Dana Anderson-Helstrom and the Team Tucker: Play Laugh Love organization, Ruby and her family received a brand new stove. Thank you!

Even as I type this, it is hard to capture how much gratitude I have and all the goodness we have experienced. 2020 has been a year where nothing has been perfect or gone according to plan. Many of you reading this right now resonate with that. I know this though... The smiles, the laughter, and the goodness of others are treasured memories that will last forever. Things may not be perfect, but through it all, there have been so many moments large and small that will engrave themselves into our hearts.

Kids in 2020

Thank you to each of you for your role in our story. Happy Holidays, and may this be a season where we all take time to reflect on our blessings and all that is still good in the world...

- Angela