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Embrace your natural beauty!

Natural “fluffy” brows are currently the biggest brow trend. Here are five tips for surviving your brow quarantine:

#1- Don’t touch them. (We get it, the struggle is real! If you cannot leave them alone, we have pro tips and tricks for you!)

#2-Don’t over tweeze. It only takes a few seconds to remove a few hairs but it might take weeks to see them again. Stay away from your arches and tails!

#3-Ditch the magnifying mirror! We all have that LOVE/HATE relationship with our magnifying mirror and tend to reach for it. STOP! Now is not the time to use it. 

#4-Trim like a pro, DO NOT use your kitchen scissors! Heavy, bulky, dull scissors will definitely create a brow you’ll notice, and not in a good way. Our favorite scissors are the Arch Addicts™️™️ Embroidery Scissors

#5- Camouflage and cover unwanted hairs. Applying a brow highlighter under the brow bone instantly lifts and defines the brow while covering those pesky, unwanted hairs. Our favorite is the Arch Addicts™️ Light It Up Highlighter. 


Pro tips and tricks for the best at-home results

  1. Wash your face with your cleanser and warm water.
  2. Lightly outline your brows with your Arch Addicts brow pencil.
  3. Apply clear brow gel to tame unruly hairs.
  4. Pull the skin tight and cautiously tweeze hairs outside of the lines but STAY AWAY from your arches and tails! If you question whether to remove a hair, don’t! Tweezing the hair from the root, in the direction of growth, will help prevent breakage.
  5. Trim any hairs that are long and unruly, and outside the line. Start by brushing hairs in the direction of the hair and then backwards. Any long, unruly, hairs will be visible. Be sure to isolate the hair/hairs you want to trim to ensure you do not give one side a complete haircut!



Your goal should be to clean up your brows and not completely shape them. Less IS more! Full, natural brows are an artist's dream to work with!
Desperate = Disaster…have a plan and proper tools!