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My name is Angela Lutz, and I’m …

An entrepreneur, aesthetician, wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, best friend, and Arch Addict.

That’s me.

I spend my days combining all of these worlds. When I’m at home being a wife and mom, I’m still a business owner. When I’m leading Arch Addicts, or serving my clients as an aesthetician, I’m still a sister and a best friend. When I’m out with my sisters and friends, I’m still an entrepreneur.

The concept of balance – where I turn one of these roles on and all the others off – is foreign to me. The professional me and the personal me blend together all the time. I don’t believe turning roles on and off is the way we’re wired, and as I’ve shared this with other female professionals, moms, and friends, they agree. We all share similar challenges and struggles.

If you’re reading this, you get it. The pull to be everything to everyone is a daily challenge. Whether you’re a professional or not, married or single, a parent or not, we’re all on a similar journey. Your circumstances may be different than mine, but we each share a common desire to thrive, and to help one another.

And so, as I’m working to grow Arch Addicts and increase my aesthetician clientele, I’m working to include my family and friends in the process. And now I’m sharing this process with you, our Arch Addicts community. I’m blending it all together as best I can, and I want to include each of you on this journey.

Thanks for taking the time to connect with me through this blog, and thank you for your support of the Arch Addicts brand. I’m excited to continue sharing the ups and downs of running this business and being a female entrepreneur in 2019. I’m even more excited that we can get real together to build a culture of positivity and authenticity.

‘til next time, let’s make the world beautiful inside and out.