No Thanks

Looking back on 2019, negativity was all around (so much so that the Wall Street Journal highlighted it in an essay, For the New Year, Say No to Negativity.) It can be easy to tell ourselves that all the negativity is just in the headlines, but inevitably, it spills into our day-to-day lives, too.

The negativity has been especially evident on social media. It seems like it sneaks in a little more every day, comment by comment, post by post. It’s showing up in our schools where we’re battling bullying and harassment. It’s creeping into our conversations and how we treat one another.

So what does this have to do with eyebrows? It all comes back to beauty...

Arch Addicts serves the beauty industry. Every day, our products and services help highlight the beauty of amazing individuals like you. Alongside our mission to accentuate the beauty we see on the outside, we feel strongly about focusing on inner beauty as well. Where does that inner beauty begin? With positivity.

Positivity is beautiful. It’s magnetic. Positivity is alluring. And, when you blend outward beauty with positivity, you can uncover something marvelous.

So that is our challenge to each of you as we walk into 2020: Create the positivity the world needs right now. We each have a circle of influence we live in. Within your circle, resist the urge to fall prey to negativity and rise above it. Instead of adding to the darkness with a snarky comment or a negative thought, push back with light and positivity.

You may be just one person, but you are powerful and strong and you unquestionably influence others. Your smile, your kind words, your time spent helping someone else... these add true beauty to the world.

Remember, you are beautiful, and you have the opportunity to be a source of positivity in someone else’s life this year. Together, we can make our world better.

Are you ready to make 2020 amazing? Let’s go…

- Arch Addicts