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When you look good you feel great! Walk through the doors for your Arch Addicts® Beauty appointment, and immediately everything changes. Drop your shoulders, relax, and let go of the world outside. Within the privacy of the salon, Angela and her staff provide a beauty experience that transcends skin and brows...


Arch Addicts® Lux Brow Restoration Experience 

A brow experience that details a customized plan to restore and transform your brows while providing invaluable education with a bit of luxury. Required for new clients. Includes consultation, brow wax, brow tint, collagen eye treatment, precision trimming and tweezing, Arch Addicts® brow makeup application, and a complimentary Arch Addicts® brow pencil.


Arch Addicts® Brow Wax and Tint Maintenance

This service includes consultation, wax, tint, precision trimming, and Arch Addicts® brow makeup application.



Leading with innovation and backed by science, DiamondGlow® is a 3-in-1 customizable skin treatment that targets specific skin conditions and improves skin health. *Growth factors in the SkinMedica® TNS serum can help renew skin texture and tone while diminishing fine lines, and wrinkles. 


SkinPen® Microneedling Treatments

This medical-grade treatment is the only FDA approved micro-needling device on the market and is designed to stimulate your skin’s natural ability to produce new collagen and elastin. Clinical studies have shown measurable improvement in acne scarring, and fine lines. Suitable for all skin tones.


Oxygen Infusion Facial with Microdermabrasion

A great exfoliation for your skin with no downtime! This treatment clears black heads and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, and sun damage. This treatment is finished off with oxygen infusion that detoxifies, stimulates collagen, and leaves your skin with a healthy glow. *Includes blading or a chemical peel and a skin-perfecting peel-off mask. You will see immediate results with one treatment. For best results, a series of 6-8 treatments, 1-2 weeks apart is recommended. 



Quickly remove dead skin and vellus hair from the face, leaving your skin glowing and smooth. Dermaplaning allows for better absorption of nutritive topicals and creates a beautiful canvas for makeup application.


Chemical Peels

Obagi®- Medical Blue Peel Radiance- This professional medical peel is the answer for people who have no time for peeling. It’s quick, easy, and amazing. As with most peels, it contains Salicylic Acid. It also has a blend of lactic and glycolic acids and it has extra calming agents like Willow Bark and Licorice Root, to help soothe your skin. Ideal for people with sensitive skin. Improves hyperpigmentation, provides superficial exfoliation with no downtime, and leaves your skin brighter, tighter, and smoother.

VI Peels- A synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for ALL skin types with no pain, no skin prep, and little downtime. A gentle, yet powerful medical-grade chemical peel that works by exfoliating the layers of the epidermis. New cells are produced and collagen production is stimulated. If you are looking for dramatic results to correct Sun Damage, Melasma, Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, UV Induced Pigmentation, Acne, or Acne Scarring, this peel is for you!

SkinMedica®- Correct mild to moderate imperfections with this medical peel. Refine and soften fine lines and wrinkles, improve tone and texture, and diminish acne scars and pigmentation. This chemical peel is composed of a proportionate, precise mixture of ingredients, including resorcinol, retinoic, lactic, and salicylic acid, each intended to rejuvenate the natural appearance of the skin and stimulate natural collagen production.


 Face Reality Acne Consultation & Treatment

In your consultation and treatment appointment, we take these steps:

  • Determine your skin type, acne type, and skin tolerance
  • Give you recommendations for products and treatments you will need to get clear
  • Review aggravating factors that make you break out: foods, medications, cosmetics, stress, etc.
  • Provide you with an overview packet that contains everything we discuss in the consultation
  • Perform an acne treatment with extractions

Note: Products are not included in the cost of the treatment. Restrictions may apply.


Face Reality Acne Treatment Maintenance

Appointments occur every two weeks for three to four months, about six to eight services in total. During each appointment, we will:

  • Assess what type of treatment your skin needs
  • Discuss your home care regimen and adjustments we need to make
  • Perform an acne treatment with extractions

As you get clear, your treatment will become shorter. After your acne is under control, you will simply need to maintain your home care products to keep it clear.

Note: We do not offer treatments or extractions to clients that do not use our home care products.