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By Artists, For Artists.

The foundation for the Arch Addicts brand and products begins with our experience as three master brow artists. Our influence flows from the community of estheticians around us, the hands that sculpt precision work, and the subtle details of every meticulously crafted eyebrow. With an intimate knowledge of these elements and our daily experience as working estheticians, we felt compelled to create stellar products for other artists in their search for the perfect brow.

The Arch Addicts product line is inspired by a desire to create exquisite brows that enhance the natural beauty and balance of the face. Fueled by the opportunity to create a look that is feminine, modern, vibrant, and youthful. Devoted to an addiction for designing the perfect arch.

From one artist to another, we invite you to experience the Arch Addicts product line. We’ve taken special care to ensure that every detail is explored and refined and that with these products in your hands, your creative spirit can be revealed. From one artist to another, thank you for engaging in the Arch Addicts experience.

Angela, Niki, and Diana