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We had another chat with our best brow friends and laughed out loud! We love to hear how our clients are bent on their brows, and how excited they are to be working with us. The results were both sweet and hilarious, here is a bit of insight into what makes our hearts flutter:
“I haven’t touched my brows in six weeks, grew them out just for you!” - Diana Roth
“I TRUST YOU!” - Ashley McMullen
“I threw away my tweezers.” - Angel Lutton Hedrick
“The words ‘I brought Starbucks’ melt my heart.” - Angela Lutz
“I gave my friend your number.” - Roxy McGhee
“They’re perfect!!!” - Rachel Gordon
“I love them!” - Wendy Teixeria-Sula
“Can I go ahead and book my next appointment?” - Renea Rios
“Can I schedule out for the year?” - Rachel Bridges
“I came from miles away just to see you.” - Leslie Mendoza
“I love coming here! My brows are back! Can you just come home with me? Can I take some extra business cards of yours?” - Wilona Shideler-Betzen
We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into our world. A huge thank you to all of our beautiful clients and customers! -Arch Addicts