No Thanks

So, we had a chat with our very best brow friends and discussed some things that all of us think, but may not always say. Read the details from our conversation below!


TRUST US! We want the best for your eyebrows too.

CLOSE YOUR EYES, there's hair, wax, and tools flying everywhere!

STAY STILL, it's a must. We’re using sharp instruments and your brows deserve uninterrupted attention.

TAKE A NAP, if you'd like! Take advantage of some quiet time, we love that our clients are comfortable enough to fall asleep.


“I love love love doing your brows. Thank you for trusting me with your face.”
~Valerie Johnson 


COME CLEAN about what products you’re using. There are many products and facial treatments/services that can compromise your skin, we really need to know about them!

PLEASE DON'T come in sick. We can’t risk sharing an illness with our family and other clients.

WE ARE SO GRATEFUL to those that honor the time and dedication we give to our careers, many of us sacrifice a lot for our businesses. Thank you! 


“Stay away from the tweezers. It's a process and you have to work with me, not against me. If we work together and stay focused, we can accomplish an awesome Brow Game!”
~Angel Lutton Hedrick


OH BABY... We love to see your little ones. However, if crying or temper tantrums are a possibility, it’s best to plan on having a babysitter. We want to respect everyone else coming to the spa for pampering, rest, and relaxation.

PUPPIES are almost as cute as children but, their place is not in the spa. We have to consider the allergies and/or fears that our other clients may have. 

DON'T BE TARDY for this party. Being late can make a big impact on your service and inconvenience every client after you. It can also result in losing your appointment!

BE PRESENT. When you don't show up or cancel last minute, we lose out on the ability to accommodate another client and income that we rely on. Imagine your employer saying they’re suddenly not going to pay you for the next 30 minutes, no honey!


“If you always arrive on time (or early!), tip well, always rebook, and respond promptly to my text/email/call, you will be a priority. We can't help it if you're a loyal and awesome client!”
~Dawnielle Dale


REMEMBER THE SAYING, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” Find a trained and licensed professional, your face is not something to be jeopardized.

REFRAIN FROM tweezing or trimming your eyebrows. Keeping them on a regular waxing schedule will help in the evolution of your brow correction and keep them on a regular growing pattern.