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1. Invest in a brow enhancing conditioner and apply it every night before bed. You should start to notice thicker, fuller brows in about 6 weeks. For best results, use the serum continuously for at least a year.

Revitabrow® Advanced: $58-$110 

2. Don’t tweeze any strays, you may want them in your new brow design. Lightly trim and snip the ends of any offending hairs that are becoming unruly. 
Brow Scissors: $18

3. You can also conceal and highlight during the growing out process. Use the Light It Up highlighter in glazed to color over the stray hairs that are growing back in. 
4. In the meantime, fill in the gaps with the Archoholic pencil. 
5. Last but not least, employ a professional to design your new shape and assist you on your journey. To find a brow artist near you, visit our locator.

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