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We've all heard of microblading by now. It's taken the beauty industry by storm, received a ton of press, with articles and blog posts everywhere you look. Now, there's a new girl on the block that you should know about called microshading, also referred to permanent powder, micropowdering, and ombre brows.

Let me give you a little run down...
Both microblading and shading are a form of tattooing. Yes, it’s a tattoo! They’re both modernized techniques of old-school tattooing methods, done with a hand tool or machine that implants pigment into the skin to fill and correct the shape of your brows.

Don't let anyone fool you...
They'll tell you it’s not permanent. The pigment, if implanted at the right depth will fade, however particles of the pigment may remain in the body. Therefore, it is indeed permanent! If your technician isn’t trained properly, the pigment may not fade and scarring can definitely occur. This is your face – you want credentials and a lot of them!

Permanent powder/shading may be a better option if...
Your skin type is one or more of the following: extremely oily, extremely dry, heavily sun-damaged, rosacea prone, thick, porous, congested and unfortunately, is very tan or has very dark skin tones. We can’t tattoo black pigment, it will just turn ugly in a couple of months, and sometimes even the darkest brown isn’t dark enough to show up in the skin. Booooo!

There is also a multitude of skin and health conditions that can interfere with any form of permanent makeup so, it’s best to inform your technician of medications and medical history too.

The method...
Although this service is not new to those of us in the industry, the public is still lagging behind. I’m about to give you the scoop!

This shading technique can also be done with a hand tool. It differs from microblading in that the tool is usually circular in shape, and involves a tapping movement to implant the pigment. Shading can also be done with a tattooing machine.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Omg, a tattoo machine?! Will my brows look really dark and solid like the old-school tattooed eyebrows?! The answer is a big fat no! The newest techniques involve pixelating the pigment and shading the brows so lightly that when healed it will look like a soft dusting of powder beneath the brows. This method is also light enough that it will still fade over time requiring an annual touch-up.

Let's talk to some friends...
Being one of the Arch Addicts gives me some street cred, so I had a chat with some esteemed colleagues in the permanent makeup industry.

I’ve been looking at eyebrows for a long time, and my friend Leann’s skills are one of a kind. She shared with me some information that you need to read for yourself!

“I love being able to achieve a very natural yet, defined brow. The results are soft powdered brows that resemble makeup. My clients have no downtime, and most walk out with little to no redness. Many fall asleep during the procedure, experiencing very little to no pain at all.

On average clients come back annually for a touch-up, however, retention depends on skin and lifestyle. Some clients will come back less than a year and some may last over one or two years,"

“Beautiful results can be achieved with both microblading and ombre/powdered brows if it is done properly with a skilled technician. I still prefer the powder technique. The healed results have better retention for various skin types.”

- Leann La
Huntington Beach, CA


I am a borderline stalker of JeogAe’s Instagram. Go ahead, check her out and you’ll see why. Here’s what she had to say about the newest trend in brows:

"This technique uses pixelation (little dots) by using one or two colors to create soft edges around the brows. Each set of brows are tailored to the needs of each client."

"The powdered technique is very gentle on the skin and therefore, suitable for any skin type and age. This method really delivers even coverage and ages beautifully,"

-JeongAe Davidson
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


If superwoman were real, she’d look up to Cori without a doubt. This busy momma has a lot to do. Continue reading to keep up.

“I love that it [powdering] provides more consistent results, I can implant pigment in the skin and know how it’s going to heal. Microblading doesn’t always provide that. I also love that it’s a timeless, classic look!

Both microblading and powdering provide a natural look when applied correctly. I think people are afraid of a powder brow thinking it will be harsh.”

“Techniques have changed so much in recent years. Permanently powdering your brows really can be as soft and subtle as a light whip of color behind your natural brows.”

- Cori Lynn Simons
Meridian, Idaho