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The Beautiful Love Story of Janeida Mitchell

I was five months pregnant, and my daughter's “biological” father left me because he didn’t want to have any more kids, even after we planned our pregnancy together. Nevertheless, I accepted that and moved on with my life. I was five months pregnant, and I was happy and healthy, so I was not complaining. While hiking at a local waterfall here in Ga (Vickery Creek), I met my now beau, Nathaniel. I was hiking with a five-month pregnant belly, he saw me and started walking with me during my hike.  In my head, I’m like “ok this dude apparently does not see my fat belly,” but he did, and he didn’t care.We hiked that day together and got lost on our hike. It was nearly night time. We talked the entire hike literally from early afternoon till the sun went down. After that long hike, we were exhausted and hungry, so we decided to get a bite to eat. That day was magical.

He never left my side! He was there for me throughout my pregnancy, the birth of my daughter and is soon to be my husband. My daughter calls him “daddy” and he is all she knows.  She never met her biological father, and that is fine with us. Nathaniel is our angel. He plans on adopting her once we are married and we will live happily ever after! My love has supported me throughout my career, and motivated me to go into business for myself and helped me launch my NOW thriving brow business “The Brow Girl.”There was a reason we went on that hike that day, and I believe God intentionally got us lost during that hike. That was the beginning of our life together. But our story doesn’t end there… just a few days ago this March, my beau proposed to me to complete my love story – I’m going to be a wife!