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A Handy guide to locating an artist in your hometown!

We get tons of emails every week asking us where the best brow artists are located and how to find them. We love trying to connect artists and clients, so we have put together a handy guide for locating an artist in your hometown!


1. Check the locator page on our website
We have found that the artists on this page have impeccable work. We are always adding new listings and cities, so check back often.


2. Instagram
Tap the search bar and type in“eyebrow artist,” several should pop up in your area. You can also click the search bar and tap on “places.” Type in the word “brow” and more businesses should pop up for you. Another handy place to search on Instagram are hashtags or “tags.” For example: If you live in Miami, you could search #miamibrows or #bestbrowsmiami, and you should see several photos. Always check out the accounts and make sure that you like the photos that the artist has shared.


3. Facebook
Another great resource are community pages on Facebook. Almost every single town in America has a group or a neighborhood page, and it is a great place to ask if anyone has an eyebrow artist that they love.


4. Personal Referrals
If you see someone that has killer brows, ask them where they go! Most people love to share referrals. Another great resource would be your hairstylist or local bloggers, as they are usually pretty connected to the beauty scene in your city.


Whoever you choose, make sure you do your research. It is 2018, and every business should have a Facebook page, website, and Instagram account. Make sure that you really like the photos of their work. Check and see that the technician is licensed by their state board if you are getting a waxing service.


Our most important tip: make sure that you have a thorough consultation before the technician begins working on your eyebrows so that you can achieve your brow goals together!