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How Botox Affects Brows

There are tons of misconceptions about Botox® Cosmetic that you’ll find all over the Internet. So what’s the deal with this popular wrinkle smoothing treatment, and how might it affect your brow game? Jennifer Jeansson is a registered nurse at SkinSpeaks in Edina, Minnesota and sat down with Arch Addicts to talk about how Botox affects brows.

One thing’s for sure, Botox is popular, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 7 million Botox® Cosmetic procedures were done in the U.S. in 2017. It comes as no surprise that injections are a huge part of Jennifer’s day-to-day role.

“Botox® Cosmetic is amazing! It is the number one cosmetic service performed in the world. It is a wonderful option for softening fine lines and wrinkles of the upper face, but also to prevent them from forming in the first place," Jennifer said. "My approach to performing these injections is not to change someone’s appearance, but to create balance, harmony and enhance natural beauty.” 

How Botox Affects Brows

According to Jennifer, an experienced practitioner can evaluate any nuances or asymmetries that can be highlighted or diminished with a Botox treatment. Injections can be done with extreme precision to help improve natural asymmetries in the upper and lower face to create balance. Some clients have found that Botox® Cosmetic can be an alternative to gently lift the brows and possibly postpone a more invasive eye lift procedure.

“With chronological aging, many women look for ways to help brighten around their eyes,” she said. “We can soften fine lines around the eye area, and in some cases, Botox® Cosmetic can even raise the eyebrows, helping you look more rested. It all depends on your musculature, so I recommend that you seek a consultation with an experienced practitioner to see if injections could help you.”

Perfect Your Timing: When to Get Botox

If you’re interested in trying Botox® Cosmetic for the first time, check your calendar. Jennifer recommends that clients come in with freshly done brows (one or two days post-wax) for a treatment, or wait up to 2 weeks after a Botox treatment to get brows done. This way, she says, the effects of the injections will have fully kicked in to help your brow artist create the best shape for your brows.

For those who have permanent cosmetics such as microbladed brows, she recommends consulting an expert brow artist to assess and template the brows in a resting state before treatment.

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Jennifer has more than 14 years of experience as an aesthetic nurse specialist and 20 years combined experience in medical dermatology. In 2013, she became a certified aesthetic nurse specialist (CANS) Jennifer is a speaker and trainer for the Allergan Medical Institute (AMI).  She is an active member of the American Nurses Association (ANA), International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses (ISPAN) & Dermatology Nurses Association (DNA).