No Thanks


The weeks leading up to and for a few weeks after, we all hear the hilarious stories everyone has about their families at Thanksgiving. Year after year, we all seem to remember the fashion missteps that keep us laughing.

Reed Endersbe, a Minneapolis Arch Addicts client and friend who is always good for wry and candid observations had us rolling as he shared his favorite Thanksgiving brows...


Aunt Tilly
Aunt Tilly is always dressed to perfection, never a hair out of place. Unfortunately, she flaunts brows that have been plucked into bald submission with her tweezing obsession. If she had a book it would be: Tale of the Lost Arches.

Cousin Roy
Cousin Roy always has an amazing story to share but no one ever hears it because they can’t get past his unattended mono brow. Why Roy? Why?

Uncle Ralph
Uncle Ralph never disappoints. His Captain Kangaroo bushy brows enter the house before he does. All he needs is a little greasepaint, and he’d be mistaken for Groucho Marx.

Not quite sure what happened to Betty... looks like her brows have been tweezed into an arch rivaling. Can never figure out if she’s confused, surprised, or angry.

The Younger Generation
The younger generation at the table could have their own eyebrow reality show: Eyebrow pencils gone wild aka Cruella de Vil with an overarching sharpie.

Til’ next year, please pass the mashed potatoes.

Thanks again to each of you in the Arch Addicts community for walking beside us on this journey. We hope your Thanksgivings are filled with family and friends, and that each of you is able to count all your grateful for... especially your brows!

- The Arch Addicts