Your Brow Journey Contest Winner - Meet Lucie Pittman

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Before we share the winner, we would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to share your own brow journey. It was truly a humbling experience reading all of the different struggles and obstacles people faced along their own personal journey, yet all of you have found ways to overcome them.

Collectively, all of us have come so far as eyebrow artists, we feel it's important to reflect on the journey itself and to give yourself credit where it's due.

Meet Lucie Pittman

The inspiring & powerful brow journey about illness, strength, and perseverance.


I qualified from NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) level 2 beauty in July of 2004. I was living the life of a normal teenager, ready to take on my next challenge of NVQ 3, starting a different college so I could be nearer my boyfriend at the time. 
Over the summer, my body started changing and I got really sick, I was losing weight and kept passing out, I felt awful and no one could tell me what it was. I started my course in September getting more and more poorly throughout the course, I managed to get up and go but it was proving more and more difficult.
My teachers were mean and non-understanding, they would be angry with me for using the toilet and make jibes about my weight loss. This broke me and made me leave my college course just at the end. I didn't do my exams, making that whole year of work and clients an absolute waste. 
A few months later I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Unhappy with myself and life, I ended up working In a factory. I had moved in with my boyfriend and was trying to get on with it, my boyfriend stole my money to take drugs and left me poorly in the house for days without looking after me. 
My parents came and took me away, thank God. 
Years later I was still doing eyebrows on family and friends but kept getting rejected at salons and spas because of my lack of qualification even when I've told them about the situation, nobody cared. I went to work in pubs and nightclubs, drank too much and kept getting ill.
In March of 2006 I met Ben, he was in the RAF. He was brilliant, I fell pregnant with our daughter Maisie and he went to Afghanistan through out the whole pregnancy and birth, when he got back he was different. 
The spark had gone and he was more interested in his work goals than family life, time went on and he got worse, his mood swings and depression got bad, I was living far away from family and getting too ill to look after my daughter. In May 2010 I had my first ever surgery, I wasn't well and I just needed to recover. 
When released from the hospital this man, my husband, wouldn't collect me, my next door neighbours did. He even went away and left me with a toddler when I was a day out of the hospital to see his friends. That night the ambulance was called and I was sent off. 
I got better fast, I had to. For Maisie's sake. Things got worse, he got more and more controlling with money and made me feel inadequate. June 2011 I left him and moved back to my family, I lived with my mum and dad for four months on their narrow boat with Maisie, life was simple but I had to figure out what I was going to do now...
What was I good at? Then a lightbulb moment hit and realised I should go back to my beauty routes and specialise in what I'm good at, and I did I started my business small working in my kitchen, then as clients got more and more I bought a log cabin for the bottom of my garden to do my treatments in. 
In time of growing, I met the love of my life Ross, who treats me like there is no one else in the world, we had Edward in the April of 2014. With his love and support, my business has grown from strength to strength even through more surgery. 
In February of this year, I was a week away from dying, I'd lost all my body weight and muscle and I couldn't keep anything down, my surgeon was messing me around and was making me wait for more scans. On the 5th of February, I had life changing colostomy surgery. Ross has been fantastic and nurtured me back to health with the help of family, friends and clients. 

Yesterday I picked up the keys to my very own salon. It's small but perfect and it's all mine. My surgery has been so successful that I feel it's about time I get the career that's always been ripped away from me and make me and my business even more successful.
See it doesn't matter what goes on in your life, it's how you go about it. 
You need to figure out your strengths, cut your losses and move on to the next venture. 
Brows have always been my happy place and always will. 
Thanks for sharing some of my BrowWow journey!
Big loves,
Lucie Pittam


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